Sleeping with the Enemy

So I’ve changed jobs. This is not an unusual phenomema. Happens all the time, especially in supply-side ICT – and even more so in Sales.

However, this has been a rather odd sensation, in that I moved from a company I loved working for (Sophos), to the dreaded enemy of Sophos, McAfee. I’ve spent the last two and half years fighting my new employers tooth and nail, skirmishing and working to outflank them. And now I’m working for them.

There are two questions you may have right now. The first is ‘Why did you do it?’ And the second is, ‘How can you be credible?’

Both questions can be answered in the same way if I’m honest. And sorry to disappoint, I won’t be dishing the gossip or dirt. Even as a reconstructed sales person, I still have some morals. Buy me a glass of wine though. That should cure that.

The backdrop to the answer is around the ability to execute in the current Cyber defence scenario. In the older, simpler, days, security was pretty much about delivering AV and a bit of encryption. The problem now is that the threat vectors are myriad, the threat actors more cunning (and lets be truthful, in many cases, State sponsored). Managing security has spiraled into major full time occupations. How many people have you met with ‘Cyber’ in their job title compared to this time last year? Loads is the answer

The reality is that as more and more of our lives are delivered online, the need for security that is integrated, automated and covers loads of different areas is paramount. This isn’t going to turn into an advert for my new employers – you can go here and wallow in Gartner reports, Exec briefings from Americans with improbable haircuts and nicely shot videos for that.

But given my views on security that I have posted here in my times blogging; summarised that it should be less intrusive, take more of an all-encompassing Health and Safety type approach and be an enabler, rather than barrier to life in general, when the offer came along to work for an organisation that meets my views, it seems churlish to say no.

And let’s be honest, with a UK HQ in Slough, it’s not like I’m going for the scenery is it?

And so now my feet are under the desk, I have worked out who the important people are (IT, receptionists, the chap that does payroll and the nice PA to the boss) I’m going to get back on it. I look very much to seeing you all back out on the stump.

And mines a nice glass of something dry French and white please


About Graeme Stewart, McAfee

I work for McAfee as Director of Public Sector Strategy and Relations, UK&I
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