All quiet on the East end front

It’s the summer season. Queues on the M5 as people pile down to Devon or Cornwall, chaos at airports, and normally, rubbish on the Television. But not this year of course with the Olympics, or Sportsday as some of my friends in the Whitehall village have taken to calling it.

It’s also unseasonably quiet on the Security front. Like the footfall figures for Oxford Street, its all a bit less than we thought it would be. Chatting to a few chums in organisations you’d expect to be busy, they profess to being happy at the way things are going.

Two things have struck me about the scenario as described.

The first is that there a bit of Y2K about all of this. Those of you (like me) old enough to remember watching the Rockford Files before bed on a Saturday will have been working when the Millennium Bug fast approached. The thinking ran that lots of IT kit wasn’t capable of dealing with the tick over to ‘2000’ because it could only cope with two year digits. So everyone went mad, buying new kit, upgrading software and generally busying themselves taking precautions. Then when December 31st 1999 turned into January 1st 2000… nothing happened. The papers cried foul, lots of people complained that the whole thing was a fix and that it was just a money-spinning idea by the IT industry. Ummmm. Or maybe it didn’t happen because everyone sorted out their kit and upgraded their software. It’s a bit like complaining that after getting your family to the tornado shelter, you’re a bit disappointed that a whirling mooing cow doesn’t land on and squash grandma. You’ve done the hard work, and now you are safe. So could it be that the reason there hasn’t been a major incident is because we all took it seriously and prepped properly?

Of course the other side of this line of thought is slightly more sinister. This line says, there has been an attack, it’s quite bad, in fact so bad, it’s not being talked about. And we’ll find out soon what’s happened. But then again, if we don’t know about it, then there’s no point worrying, especially if the lights are still on about the place.

So my message for today? Enjoy the sport, celebrate the successes and keep your fingers crossed that all of us, in whatever small way, have done our bit for a secure Summer.


About Graeme Stewart, McAfee

I work for McAfee as Director of Public Sector Strategy and Relations, UK&I
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