It’s all a bit gloomy right now isn’t it?

I’ve been away again*, and had a quick flick through the headlines this morning in between doing the soul-destroying trawl of the post-holiday inbox.

I am struck at just what an uphill task we face in the InfoSec space right now. A random pick of headlines reveals that major Government departments continue to slash IT spending, the NPfIT bin-it/don’t-bin-it rumba continues to grab headlines and offshoring continues apace. The aftertaste of the CSR (Comprehensive Spending Review) lingers on and everyone in our space is feeling the pinch.

You can then factor in the facts that

a) the law appears completely incapable of managing InfoSec breaches (Welsh footballer anyone?)

b) Sony and Nintendo are on the hitlist of hackers. Please leave my Wii alone

c) the RSA hack is having serious repercussions. The Lockheed attack looks to be very damaging, given Lockheed’s exposure to UK Defence work, and this is a development that needs careful monitoring.

Now, it may well be that my gloomy countenance is because I’m back off holiday and as a net result, back on my diet. But it all feels rather serious right now (as a further example, hacking has gone corporate – the group that hacked Sony has started putting out press releases) , and I’ve been looking for some chinks of sunlight in the wet Monday afternoon of my mood.

Some sources of recent relief come from the ICO, who has said that he will give a year’s grace to UK organisations who have yet to implement the new cookie legislation. No, this isn’t another attempt to subvert terrorists via the medium of baking, but some genuine legislation from the EU which pretty much nobody is aware of.

An additional mood-lifter comes in the shape of NISC the National Information Security Conference starting Wednesday. As ever it looks like it has a great conference programme, and I am looking forward to looking up a few people who I haven’t seen for a while. NISC has always been a great opportunity for colleagues from both sides of the fence to mix in a relaxed environment and I am very much looking forward to learning something new. If you are going, pop by and say ‘hello’ as I shall be spending time with my chums from SBL at their stand.

It’s quite gloomy right now, and all very serious. But as InfoSec professionals we can make a difference, we can offer solutions and will only win by talking together as a community. Onwards and upwards my friends.

*I know it appears I have more holidays than Judith Chalmers but Mrs Stewart is just a highly efficient user of holidays in conjunction with Bank Holidays. No days off until August now sadly.


About Graeme Stewart, McAfee

I work for McAfee as Director of Public Sector Strategy and Relations, UK&I
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