IA Practitioners (CIPCOG) Event round up

So, how was it for you?

As the dust settles on the first big event of the year, I took time out to pause, reflect and see if the sensation is returning to my toes.

I will be blunt and say I still don’t know why it’s not called CIPCOG anymore. I rather liked the name, more for how it sounds than anything else. However, some things remain unchanged. The organisation was outstanding. The turnout was excellent and there was the usual group of vendors as you would expect. Everyone complained about being skint and the pace of change. However, there was one topic that seemed to come up time and time again.

Securing mobile was to my mind the big topic this year, and I’m not just saying that because I presented on it. The spectre of consumerisation loomed large over many discussions and presentations. There was even an impressively over-subscribed workshop on the topic. The workshop was run by CESG’s irritatingly youthful Jonathan Lawrence, and he was attempting to get the group to come up with a list of security characteristics that a good mobile security product should have. Unfortunately, the direction of travel of the workshop was pretty much hijacked by the fact that half the room believed these are ‘toys for the boys’, the rest believing that whilst there is a good case, there is no cohesion in the approach being taken across their respective organisations. And everyone was moaning about a certain mobile network provider’s problems this week.

The reality of mobile computing is as follows:

1. It’s here. It’s too late to look into things, have committees discussing its viability or investigate things. Wake up. The first step to dealing with a problem is to accept you have a problem in the first place. We are now in an age where staff are bringing their kit in and want to use it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We have lost the argument. Accept it, accept mobile, and then the process then becomes about the How, rather than the Why.

2. The pace of change is getting faster every year. This is not about to change. Just look at the rate of Apps being developed for mobile platforms or the rate of Mobile OS updates. If you don’t start dealing with it now, think about the struggle in a year’s time.

3. Despite what some people think, there are business cases for this stuff. Creativity is something that drives innovation, and innovation drives change. And managing change is a core part of our world in IA. I for one expect this to remain a hot topic for years, and I am looking forward to more spirited debate.

Thanks to everyone who contributed this week, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


About Graeme Stewart, McAfee

I work for McAfee as Director of Public Sector Strategy and Relations, UK&I
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