Doing something about Protective Marking

A complaint that gets leveled at software vendors is that we only talk about our stuff, rather than our stuff in the real world

You know how it is. The salesman comes in, shows you a pile of slides detailing how their stuff is really groovy and has a blue light on the front. And you think, well, how does it work with my other stuff? How does it deal with this burning issue?

One of the big ones coming down the line is Protective Marking. Getting users to formaly mark emails and documents has always been a pain, and then managing the outputs of this equally so. So I’ve taken a bit of a risk and organised a summit on the topic.

Work in Public Sector? Worried about how you can ‘do’ Protective Marking? I’d reccomend attending our event in Abingdon on the 7th March where I’m going to attempt to break the mould by showing you how to do it without breaking the bank. In conjunction with another vendor!! Sophos and Titus flying together!!(Gasps of amazement) Heres the agenda:

Session 1: Protective labelling in UK government
In this session Louise Alexander, EMEA Sales Director of Titus, provides us with an overview of the drivers, roles and responsibilities in protective marking, why it is important, how it works and who is using it

Session 2: Open government and consumerisation
Dr James Lyne of Sophos’ Office of the CTO, takes a look at
the current issues surrounding open government and consumerisation

Session 3: Hot topic

In this session Dr James Lyne will look at the top 10 things the information commissioner can get you for (and how to avoid being caught)

Tour of SophosLabs

Lunch and networking

Session 4: Live demonstration of protective document marking and end-point protection technologies

In this session Titus and Sophos will be demonstrating the power of both protective document marking and end-point protection technologies to prevent the unauthorised transfer of protectively-marked documents onto removable media, email attachment and via web upload. There will also be a use study, live demo and Q&A

Closing remarks
Graeme Stewart concludes the day’s proceedings

‘Speed-date’ a security professional
Book your ‘Speed-date’ with James Lyne, Louise Alexander, Roger Neal or Steph Charbonneau and get a 15-minute, 1:1 consultation

What could be more fun than speed dating a security professional eh?

If you’d like more detail, drop me a line


About Graeme Stewart, McAfee

I work for McAfee as Director of Public Sector Strategy and Relations, UK&I
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