Free Sophos Mac AV reviewed (and its stonking)

Right. I can’t describe quite how pleased we are with the response to our Mac AV Home edition. Tons of downloads, lots of happy customer feedback, and now, a review here.

If you’ve got a Mac at home, why on earth haven’t you downloaded it yet?


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I work for McAfee as Director of Public Sector Strategy and Relations, UK&I
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2 Responses to Free Sophos Mac AV reviewed (and its stonking)

  1. Juan Kasov says:

    It is all good that sophos have a free version for Mac, as i am a Mac user…….may i ask is it free because there are not many threat for MAC’s

    • Juan

      Thanks for the comment – its a frequently asked question, and is to do with the old urban myth – ‘Macs don’t get viruses’

      There are couple of points why this line doesnt hold anymore

      1. The myth came about because in the old days, people who wrote viruses did it as a hobby, and people who write viruses as a hobby tend to hate Microsoft. Also, as the most widely spread OS, it made sense to write bad stuff for it. This is no longer true on both counts: Apple OS’s are more widespread now, but crucially, people are not writing viruses for sport any more. Its being done for financial gain and for advantage of some kind, be it on behalf of a Nation State or otherwise. And if if you figure that many Macs don’t have AV, they are the perfect target
      2. The other reason people said Macs don’t get viruses, is because there weren’t any AV tools available for Macs. Put it this way, you can’t measure something if you haven’t got a ruler? No AV, no way of checking whether you have a virus!

      The reality of the situation is, there are viruses that infect Macs. There are viruses that are harboured by Macs, that don’t affect it, but then spread from it, infecting Windows systems. A good internet citizen will wish to prevent both their own infection, but also other users.

      Sophos sees loads of examples of Mac targeted malware everyday, and its going to get worse. Our advice if you are a corporate organisations? Don’t forget the nicely dressed types in Marketing and buy them AV for their Macs too. If you are a home user, take us up on the offer and deploy the Home edition for free. You will be protecting yourself, and helping your fellow internet citizens too

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