Bluffers Guide to CSR

I am not claiming this to be definitive by any stretch. That funny looking chap off the BBC that isnt Andrew Marr is going to offer you much more pithy comment BUT, if you need a quick bit of information, here it is:

A huge amount of information to digest (HMT report is 107 pages long and can be found here for those of a masochistic bent: I would suggest however that this is a good place to start:

• £81 billion of cuts over 4 years
• Half a million Public Sector jobs are likely to be lost (from around 6 million employed)
• State Pension Age rising to 66 by 2020, six years ahead of previously planned
• Total Government expenditure to reach £740bn by 2014, of which £63bn will be debt repayments

Department Headlines – Budget settlements over 4 years

• Local Gov down 27%
• BIS down 25%
• DCMS down 24%
• Home Office down 23%
• MoJ down 23%
• DfT down 21$
• Energy & Climate down 18%
• MoD down 7.5%
• NHS up 1.3% reaching £114bn, with an extra £2bn for social acre
• DFID up 37%

Average cuts of 19% and all by 2014/2015

Other more general points

• Whitehall Budgets reduced by £6bn per annum
• Increase on Social Care grants independent of Local Gov and NHS settlements totalling £2.5bn to assist in integration
across NHS & Local Gov
• Welfare spending cut by another £7bn on top of the previous £11bn. These Welfare cuts to be funded by reducing the
Disability living allowance to a maximum of one year, and stating that the maximum benefit income that a family can earn
cannot exceed the average family income level (roughly £27kpa)
• HMRC and DWP will looking be to make significant productivity gains through the use of IT, a theme that is common across
this whole space.

I will continue to digest, comment and give updates as I keep digging. Please note, please feel free to comment but I’m not looking to get into a political scrap. Which is a shame, but its probably for the best!!


About Graeme Stewart, McAfee

I work for McAfee as Director of Public Sector Strategy and Relations, UK&I
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