Iranian Viruses and Cumbrian Sheep

Viruses are nothing new. We all know that and some of us still have the Dr Solomons’ Socks to prove it. In years gone by, viruses went from disk based, to email, to Polymorphic (sadly nothing to do with parrots, although it didn’t stop me making the joke ad nauseum) to cyber criminals to now targeting national infrastructure.

If you read the press, there is a sinister undertone to the Iranian virus, in that it may have been written by a nation state, and that it targeted nuclear reactors. What kind of moron writes a virus that targets nuclear reactors? SURELY taking down nuclear reactors is a really dumb thing to do? If you are old enough to remember Dr Solomons’ Socks, you are probably old enough to remember Cumbrian radioactive sheep, post Chernobyl. This radioactivity stuff flies about the place with no regard to who released it, and we all go down. And therein lies the point.

You can defend against viruses. It’s not the sexy end of the IA world any more, but it’s never been more important. Getting it right is no longer a case of stopping teenage boys with a Matrix obsession getting their names out there, it’s about stopping idiots who think that spreading fissile material to the four winds constitutes fair game.

If I had said all this five years ago you would have called me rude names and blamed me for hyping matters. But if you are responsible for critical systems right down to running a database for your local Scout Troop, get some decent AV and get it up to date.

Luminescent woolly jumpers that make you look like the Readybrek kids are amusing in principal, but are probably will seem less so in reality.


About Graeme Stewart, McAfee

I work for McAfee as Director of Public Sector Strategy and Relations, UK&I
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