Buzzword bingo: 2011 predictions

Buzzwords are one of my favourite IT Sector idiosyncracies. Over the years we’ve had e-Government, t-Government, m-Government and ‘Invest to Save’. I’ve already highlighted in a previous post this year’s main buzz word, Cloud. Well, back on planet earth I think I have identified contenders for next year’s.

Some vendors are pedalling ‘More for Less’ which is a bit samey and lacks the nice punch required. My two predictions are ‘Cashable Savings’ and ‘Operational Efficiency’. They sound nicely formal, but in fact are really quite simple.

Cashable savings are real. It means doing at least the same for less money next year. Generally this is done by using tried and tested technology (no bleeding edge here please) and squeezing every last drop of utility of it. And this is so obvious it hurts, yet in my experience, customers rarely do this. Now, before I am bombarded by irate emails, I will coyly admit that not ALL vendors do a great job of explaining what their products can do. Maybe. Anyway, now is the time to speaker to your IA vendor and find out what their software does, because in many cases, it probably does more than you think. You may even be paying someone else to do what your first vendor does out of the box. Ditch the second vendor and voila!!! Cashable savings

Operational Efficiency is more to do with the opportunity cost of doing something better, faster and more effectively. It ties in quite nicely with the whole cashable savings bit, since if you ditch a vendor, all of a sudden that’s one less support number, one less management widget to run and a whole caboodle of stuff I haven’t thought of yet. OK, so it’s hard to realise these costs, but if it’s taking ten hours a week to manage one set of threats and that drops to five because you’ve only got one management widget to fiddle with, that has to be a good thing.

Personally I have been talking about these topics for a while, but with the CSR on its way I firmly believe these will be the only game in town soon.


About Graeme Stewart, McAfee

I work for McAfee as Director of Public Sector Strategy and Relations, UK&I
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