We Love Christopher Graham

Alright, that’s slightly sycophantic. And it’s just me writing it. But I can’t wait for the 6th October.

On the 6th October, the former DG of the ASA and current Information Commissioner goes into bat for more powers at Parliament. My prediction is that, around about the same time, he’s going to unleash some fines, some bad press and general unpleasantness in our world. And about time too. I keep hearing people commenting sotte voce that nobody has yet been fined, that despite Public Sector being forced to acknowledge their breaches, it’s all been a bit … weak. Well, I think this may be about to change, and good for him if it does. He’s going to nail some hapless organisation and whack them with a fine RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF PARTY CON FERENCE SEASON. Someone will stand up and say that the fine will affect frontline services. The Unions will get on the case. Eric Pickles will get stuck in. Maybe Cameron/Clegg will comment. There will be an unholy row and IA will start getting the kind of coverage and public commentary we haven’t seen since HMRC-gate. And all because somebody somewhere thought that not paying due care and attention with my/your/ somebody else’s personal information wasn’t a serious topic. Well, it is.

See em’ off Chris.


About Graeme Stewart, McAfee

I work for McAfee as Director of Public Sector Strategy and Relations, UK&I
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